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Produzione Giovani Piante
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A genus including numerous species of woody, deciduous climbers found in the damp forests and along the waterways of China, Korea and Japan. Green-to-dark green leaves made up of ovate alternate and elliptical leaflets. Starting at the end of spring until summer showy, fragrant, papilionaceous are produced, and are followed by drooping, pod-like, pendulous fruit. A plant new to Italy, with sparse, very elegant, dark bluish-violet, faintly fragrant, flowers produced in clusters measuring between 30 and 50 cm in length. Its leaves are narrow, pointed and deep-green in colour.


  • Esposizione Solare: PIENO SOLE
  • Provenienza: ASIA EST ASIA
  • Tipologia: RAMPICANTI
  • Climaticità: MEDIO ELEVATA -10°/-15°
  • Epoca Fioritura: april may
  • Persistenza Fogliare: DECIDUOUS
Produzione Giovani Piante