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Produzione Giovani Piante
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Eco Sustainable Production

Our production is environment sustainable. That’s why we protect our surrounding environment day after day with careful management of water resources, achieved by means of localised irrigation methods in all our nurseries, whether specialised in open ground or containerised growing. Regarding container grown plants, we have drastically reduced chemical substances and we give to each plant the right balanced quantity of fertilizing element and irrigation. The nurseries are also equipped with a recovery and recycling system for cultivation wastewater, so the risk of contaminating local ground water and aquifers is eliminated. In addition, each of our grow areas uses a sorted collection system for the various waste types resulting from the production processes. To confirm the excellence of our production cycles, in 2010 we secured internationally recognised MPS environmental certification (class “A”) that attests to the eco sustainability of the plants produced by our company.

Certificazione ambientale mps

giovani piante pistoia

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Produzione Giovani Piante